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Ourense also spelt Orense is Galicia’s only land locked province and it is probably the Galician district least known and least explored by foreign tourists. That however should not deter you. Ourense’s self named provincial capitol has a magnificent old town with many monumental buildings, both religious and civic, and an ancient bridge that spans the river Mino with sections dating back to the Roman occupation nearly years ago. The photo to the right shows a view looking across the old town of Ourense from a mirador, or viewing point on high. For a quick summary of what Ourense city has to offer, click on this link or go to the page titled, Our opinion of Ourense – there is a button in the right hand navigation bar. Geographically, Ourense is situated in the south west of Galicia and it takes between one and a half and two hours to reach its district capitol from Santiago de Compostela A Coruna province by car.

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How much money will you need for your trip to Galicia? All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget. If you’re traveling as a family of three or four people, the price person often goes down because kid’s tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared.

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Galicia is well known for its wonderful landscapes of green fields and silver coasts and its beautiful buildings of both traditional houses and monuments of significant importance, such as the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela which is an UNESCO world heritage site. Galicia is located in the North-West of the Iberian Peninsula , the very end of the known world until the discovery of America. The interior of Galicia is a hilly landscape, composed of relatively low mountain ranges.

There are many rivers, most running down relatively gentle slopes in narrow river valleys, though at times their courses become far more rugged. Topographically, a remarkable feature of Galicia is the presence of many firth-like inlets along the coast, estuaries that were drowned with rising sea levels after the ice age. Galicia is poetically known as the “country of the thousand rivers” it has preserved some of its dense forests. It is relatively unpolluted, and its landscapes, composed of green hills, cliffs and rias, are generally different from what is commonly understood as the Spanish landscape.

For this reason, as well as its magnificent beaches, fishermen villages, natural parks and medicinal baths, it is becoming a very popular place for rural tourism. Galicia also has very important cities and towns with a huge historic and artistic heritage as well as fishermen ports. Here you will see monuments, popular architecture, with their horreos, tradicional Galician raised granaries , glassed terraces, stone crucifixes in the main squares of most villages and many other forms of structural design, this is one of the many incentives to visit this region of Spain, La Coruna.

The earliest culture to have left significant architectural traces is the Megalithic culture. Thousands of Megalithic tumuli are distributed throughout the country, but mostly along the coastal areas. Dating from the end of the Megalithic era, and up to the Bronze Age, numerous stone carvings can be found in open air.

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A Crash Course in the Galician Language. September 09, View this post on Instagram. Okay, but really, y’all, where are the fairies??? This place has got some serious magic about it They’re on stilts to keep the rats and, uh, varmins away.

This Polish name you will find on the most of documents and maps dating before , when Peremyshlyany and whole Ukrainian province of Galicia.

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The Celts? In Spain? For travelers, some of the most interesting relics are the castros , mysterious Bronze Age stone ruins found throughout Galicia and neighboring Asturias. Spain consumes more seafood than any country on Earth except Japan, and any Spaniard will tell you that the best seafood comes from Galicia.

Galician is the Romance language most closely related to Portuguese. d: like ‘d​’ in “day”: data (‘date’). f: like ‘ph’ in “phone”: ferro (‘iron’). g: like ‘g’ in “gone”.

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They share a land of verdant valleys, rocky highlands, and Atlantic surf. In fact, Galicia and northern Portugal have rarely seemed so united. Frontier controls are long gone, cross-border highways link cities, and the international airport in Porto pictured above serves as the hub for the whole region. Taking a holiday here means having a seamless two-country vacation on the edge of Europe.

The south bank has centuries-old wine lodges where port matures in countless barrels and bottles.

Heritage: Galician and Cornish Examples of. Community nearby Stannon Quarry, most notably burials dating to the Bronze Age [54].

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Spain is a big and diverse country, and those stereotypes apply mostly to the south. Instead of paella , we eat lots of vegetables, potatoes, pork, fish, and seafood. We are famously suspicious of new things and people, so we need time to decide if we like you or not. I know, I know. All your Galician friends are constantly complaining about the grey, rainy weather on their Facebook updates.

Galician. “Marry Me, Darling, for I Have Cows!” — Picking Up Girls in.

The relatively calm waters and gentle temperatures attract tourists from June to September, although the occasional cloudy day or summer thunderstorm can be expected — the perfect excuse to shelter in any of the superb marisco restaurants of the area. The highlights are:. With just under 50 official residents in barely acres of land, A Toxa is the perfect place for a quiet weekend retreat. There are no hotels on the islands, just a camping site and a restaurant, so come prepared to get very close to nature.

Scuba diving around the islands is also possible see www. The unmissable hotspots are:. Stories abound of tortured ghosts of sailors haunting local villagers, but the area has also seen some true natural disasters like the sinking of oil tanker Prestige in , which sparked regeneration in the area. Ortigueira : this postcard-perfect village is ideal for experiencing rural Galicia in all its dusty glory.

Ortigueira is also worldwide famous for its legendary Festival de Ortigueira , one of the biggest folk music festivals in Europe. Visitors can explore the remnants of an old Phoenician port and fish factory, as well as several abandoned and reconverted military sites dating back to World War II. The Estaca de Bares lighthouse, built in and still active, looms over the beautiful rock-strewn landscape and bird sanctuaries.

Playa de la Lanzada by Javier Panero. Javier Panero is part of Lonely Planet’s online editorial team. Follow him on Twitter jspanero.

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