Behind the blur on the TV show ‘Naked and Afraid’

This morning, VH1 announced that they’ve green-lighted a show called Naked Dating , which will be exactly what it sounds like. Each episode will follow a guy and a girl as they date two different, naked suitors, ultimately deciding whether to Next them metaphorically or give them another rose metaphorically. Which is apparently still a “working title,” but why mess with it? I do have a bone to pick with the show, but it isn’t with the use of nakedness as a hook, it’s with the fact that they’re ruining the surprise of the nakedness. With everyone running around clothes-less, as casual as a “Blurred Lines” video girl, Naked Dating ‘s shock factor would fade after the first commercial break. Also, there’s this cheesy tag line from the press release: “With all the dating options in the world, what happens if you take one man and woman and strip them of all their pretenses? Pretenses and clothing: not mutually exclusive things.

‘Dating Naked’ $10M Lawsuit Stripped By Judge

It was the winter of , and the folks at the Purity Distilling Company were working their asses off. Prohibition was right around the corner, and they wanted to make as much rum as they could — while it was still legal. They received shipment after shipment of a key ingredient: Molasses.

When Jessie Nizewitz agreed to be on VH1’s reality dating show “Dating Naked,” she knew one thing for certain — she’d be filmed naked.

VH1 is making headlines for green-lighting a new reality show called Dating Naked that places contestants on dates while in the nude, throwing light on the growing trend of nudity-based reality programming without much else in the premise besides nakedness. Would your quest be more successful if you truly had nothing to hide? Just you. Naked seems to be a new ish trend in reality TV, as trashy reality shows have frequently featured lots of nudity, but the entire premise has not been based on seeing people sans clothing.

Much of the show focuses on documenting the different maladies the contestants suffer, including tons of insect bites and other injuries afflicted by the wilderness. Meanwhile, WE tv has ordered a pilot for an American version of the hit U. The premise of that program is that couples who are having issues are sent into a soundproof box to have sex.

Reality TV seems to be getting racier each year in an attempt to snag more viewers. While the U. The show first ran as a late-night TV series on a network in Toronto but is currently only available online. Pornography, of course, is a multibillion-dollar industry and has been for years. How far will it go?

There Is A Dating Show Where Everyone Is Naked And It Is Just As Weird As You Expect

New York model Jessie Nizewitz, 28, says the headline-making freshman reality series trailer flashed her crotch during one segment where she playfully wrestles with a date on the beach. Producers had allegedly assured Nizewitz that her genitals would be fully blurred during the episode. Dating Naked typically shows bare buttocks, but breasts and genitals are heavily blurred. If you watch an episode, you will see that the blur actually makes it less revealing than a bikini would.

Last month, VH1 premiered Dating Naked, a dating show where potential couples go ArtBooksFilmMusicTV Instead, it simply disappeared with no updates from any of the producers. the country” and, as the press release hilariously boasts, “marks television’s first-ever body painting competition show.

On last night’s episode of Dating Naked , viewers finally got to meet Ashley and Alika, the naked couple that went on to get married in a naked wedding earlier this month. Did you and Alika watch the show together? We did not. We’re in different states at this time. I’m actually going to be going up to Northern California [where he lives] in this next coming week, which is exciting.

We were together in spirit. Are you guys not going to live in the same state now that you’re married? I travel a lot, so I’m kind of doing that and focusing on that for myself; I have some personal goals that I’m working on. Like your work as an art therapist? Yeah, I’m going to Northern California to work on meditation for the next two months. I just want to go and focus on some yoga and meditation [and] self growth. I learned a lot from the show and I’m taking a lot away from it. What did you learn?

One of the original reasons I went on the show was as a challenge to myself to overcome some of the body image issues that I had growing up.

VH1, Advertisers 0

Remember me. Forgot your password? Subscribe today to gain access to every Research Intelligencer article we publish as well as the exclusive daily newsletter, full access to The MediaPost Cases , first-look research and daily insights from Joe Mandese, Editor in Chief. On behalf of VH1 and the entire Viacom family of companies, permit me to express my concerns over the recent program-standards snafu. My apologies, first of all, for our too-hip-for-the-room obscurity.

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What craziness will Dating Naked have for us tonight? Keegan Age 26, from Pennsylvania but lives in New Jersey. Was also in a 5-year relationship. Because if he was wearing one without the other, it would look asinine. I have to admit, Keegan looks amazing naked! Finding Nemo would have been a totally different movie if Keegan and Diane were around with their fish-murdering spears instead of a dentist with a mesh bag.

It also allows you to see fish and apparently Keegan hates fish. And Pixar. And children.

The Top 10 Naked Reality Shows

But the people who make these shows possible are the five full-time visual effects maestros who painstakingly blur all the private parts. There is a Whole Foods right around the corner. The clip played in a loop, over and over again. That premise is certainly what draws viewers. The stakes for a network like Discovery are high.

Advertisers Pull Out of “Dating Naked” Over Taste Concerns On behalf of VH1 and the entire Viacom family of companies, permit me to express my At “Dating Naked,” producers make certain all sexual references and activity are (blurred) organic to the storyline, which is about these No, I’m going to work on that novel.

Amy Paffrath served as the host for the first two seasons and was clothed in her appearances. The first season was filmed on an island in Panama. The second season, re-titled Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps and filmed in the Philippines , premiered on July 22, [2] and concluded on September 16, The third season, hosted by Rocsi Diaz and filmed in Bora Bora , premiered on June 29, and concluded on September 14, The show matched up several contestants who were routinely switched with other contestants.

While contestants were nude most of the time, the show does not show contestants’ genitals. The first season featured a new pair of contestants in each episode.

How Naked People Took Over Reality Television

By Dominic Patten. Why did she not know that? And her complaint is very clear why.

On “Dating Naked,” a reality series on VH1, couples shed clothes if not all their inhibitions. But we will not here debate what these shows say about the state of will surely be added for outstanding blurring of crotches and nipples. Section C, Page 1 of the New York edition with the headline: Say Yes to.

In case you missed the news that traditional courtship is dead, naked people on VH1 stand ready to enlighten you. And in case you thought that television networks had evolved beyond trying to attract viewers with cheesy titillation — ditto. The shows are taking what used to be the long-term goal — getting married or seeing someone naked or both — and making it the starting point. I mean, usually you wait till sex.

But we will not here debate what these shows say about the state of modern life, with its immediate-gratification mentality, lack of modesty and self-restraint, and general tastelessness. What concerns us here is that no one seems to have thought through the economic implications of what these fatuous shows represent, specifically the inexorable march toward television that is all nude, all the time. That is going to cost the jobs of countless costume designers, seamstresses, ironers, dry cleaners.

Dating Naked

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